Karaski DevBlog #5: Art Style, Modeling, and revealing the Setting

Karaski Indie Game Props Modeling and Lighting

This week was spent crafting the game world with new models and lighting. And here’s a hint to the overall setting!

Tinkering with Art Styles

Karaski Its cooking Time!

I did not get much coding done this week, pouring my town into creating new assets and experimenting with art styles instead. The blocky-feel inspired by Thirty Flights of Loving and Jazzpunk is definitely staying in, but there’s a lot you can do with it.

One thing I’m kinda liking is adding black ridges to various objects as you can see above. This is different from the Unity toon shader, and basically a happy accident of me once mistakenly leaving the UV map outline on top of a texture.

At the same time, I am liking this look combined with realistic, radiosity lighting. Gives it an interesting dichotomy between cartoony yet somber – a bit like taking photographs of creepy Legos:

Karaski, Lighting the Diner

I am also hitting some limitations of the free Unity license at this point. While I’m not unhappy with the direction this is going, it’s making me considering purchasing the full license. Hmm, decisions, decisions…

Props, props, props…

Karaski Indie Game, Modeling Creepy Hallway

Aside from the experimenting, I spent a good chunk modelling new assets in Blender to fill the game world a bit more. Above you already saw the new kitchen set (pots and pans!) and obligatory crates. I also got a whole set of lamps for ceilings/walls/desks/etc., so I can create interesting lighting. Oh, and various viewable items like newspapers, notes, crumpled notes, notepads, journals, etc. Still need books and stuff.

The Setting

Speaking of newspapers… some of you may be wondering where exactly does the game take place based on the screenshots. A rich mansion perhaps, or a charity gala of some sort? Well, let me just leave you with this:

Karaski Indie Game The Ticket

Musical Inspiration

For some reason, the wonderful Hitman soundtrack has been stuck in my hand, particularly Waiting for Action from Hitman 2. Something about the chelo and the grave tone meshing with the creepy hallways going in the game…

Next Week Plan

I haven’t finished furnishing the entire area, but I feel it’s time for some character writing, at least creating barebones conversation, so I can fill the game world with NPCs. Then I can actually start testing all the gameplay mechanics around sneaking into people’s rooms or getting them drunk :p


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Karaski: What Goes Up...