Karaski DevBlog #4: Newspapers, GUI and Being a Dick


This week I finished furnishing a new area with items, implemented a GUI system, and done a bit of creative writing!

GUI and Conversations

The highlight of the week is implementing a GUI system using DF-GUI, a very nice and flexible framework for Unity that just happened to be on sale! This allowed me to revamp the conversation screen, using placeholder art from my first game. With that in place, I continued writing more conversations for the characters, trying to keep them dynamic and impacting the narrative

Being a dick in Conversations

As you can see I have now set on a new core gameplay feature of the game – being a dick :p


Another perk of having a GUI is that I can implement my Vignettes, aka various viewable in-game objects. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got NEWSPAPERS!


I already have a bunch of ingame pieces set and typed up, so now it’s a matter of putting them in nice little vignettes and scattering around the game world. I already have the system for picking locks and trespassing into rooms in place so I can actually start crafting some gameplay!

Level Design

I plunged into the depths of Blender to create some new tables, cutlery and fancy bottles of high grade booze! You gotta get those people drunk on something, right?

The dinner is served!

Let them have Cake!

Musical Inspirations

Aside from the usuals, I’ve been going back to listening to the fabulous Beirut, which has a very unique tune that speaks to me for some reason.

Next Week’s Plan

Next up: integrating more characters and their conversations as well as placing adding in-game plot and background items for the player to find.

Hopefully I can also get to implementing the (obligatory) vent shafts for snooping around, and a new area with guard patrols for some sneaksie play!

And soon I will have to revisit my AI walking code. With more furniture, the characters tend to, uhhh, ram into them a lot. Still, it’s not as bad as the first time I tried to teach them to open doors:

Curious about my next Indie Game?

Indie Game Karaski Screenshot

Karaski: What Goes Up... is a an open-ended, story-driven stealthy adventure game that takes place onboard a sabotaged 1920s Airship - who is the saboteur, who can be saved?! Deus Ex meets Clue with a bit of Telltale!

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One Response to Karaski DevBlog #4: Newspapers, GUI and Being a Dick

  1. Subjective Effect

    I’m loving the look of this. I’m glad you’ve been able to port the excellent conversation tree framework over from Postmortem.

    This looks really interesting, but I think you know that! This time when you need beta testers, you know who to ask. :p

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