Karaski DevBlog #3: Save States, Dialogue, and Women

Karaski Character Models

Finishing some coding tasks and jumping back into character writing and modeling. Say Hello to Miss Sinclair!

On the code side…

I got around to creating a persistent game logic and a basic system for level transitioning. And then I realized I need a save system to preserve the game state, and all hell broke loose. Ok maybe not so dramatic, but as a freeform game where you can go back and forth between scenes, it did pose some interesting questions and challenges. Doing a bit of research I stumbled upon this awesome, free Unity Serializer system, which might just save me a ton of headaches!

Oh and I finished implementing the convo system similar to my first game with full scripting support. Yay for complex dynamic conversations based on your interactions with the world. Also, booze :D

Karaski Convo System

Jumping into design

Already having several of my key gameplay mechanics working (items, doors, keys, lockpicks, spotting, illicit behaviors, trespassing, stealing etc.), it’s time to re-focus on design and content.

I started writing character dialogue using the same approach as I did on my first game, but incorporating all the new systems (suspcion, drunkenness etc.) I gave the doctor a voice… and he insulted me :(

As a side note, while writing out a numerous of in-game texts that provide clues to the plot, I also got the cool idea of completely randomizing EVERYTHING – map layout, character bios, conversations, clues, item placement, etc. etc. Think a completely random cluedo-murder-mystery-roguelike thing where you snoop around people’s rooms when they’re not looking, puzzling the pieces together. Alas, since I already have a solid background and characters laid out, I might need to shelve that for another game. But I’m still gonna play around with some of my randomization ideas!

Oh and I retweaked the character model with extra vertices to allow for bending of arms and legs, as well as created the female character model. So without further ado, say hello to Miss Sinclair!

Karaski Character Models

Who is this young lady? What does her confident smile hide? How is she part of the plot? And why the hell is the pot plant so big? Only time can tell.

Next Week Plan

I will probably continue on writing dialogues and in-game texts, adding more characters, and layouting a new area, creating more placeholder models. Might write up some more complex NPC AI actions if I get sick of the writing.

But I also really need to get started on figuring out the Unity GUI so I can actually display all the dialogues, in-game texts, and you know, menus. Menus are pretty important. So many things to do, so little time!

Curious about my next Indie Game?

Indie Game Karaski Screenshot

Karaski is a Slavic-Steampunk game of sneaking and investigation onboard a damaged Zeppelin, uncovering the secrets of its passengers.

Check out the official website!

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