DevBlog #1: What’s Next? Info on new Game, learning Unity, Dev Fail Video

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Sharing goals for my next game, my progress so far, and hilarious video of a Dev Fail.

Between all the legal/businessy/pr stuff after my first release, I have begun working on my second game, under the working title “Project Karaski.” It’s a highly stylized Slavic-steampunk RPG emphasizing dialogue, stealth and not-getting-spotted-doing-illegal-stuff – think less-shooty Deus Ex meets Thirty Flights of Loving.

Layouting and Furnishing

Layouting and Furnishing

So gathering clues by breaking into locked rooms with tools you find or make, avoiding getting noticed by friendly’s when doing illicit stuff (like rising suspicion when they see you mucking around their room), sneaking around patrols in forbidden zones or disguising yourself, etc. And, of course, intricate dialogue affected by numerous factors (like how drunk the character is or how suspicious of you they are) with branching narrative (and sidequests) questioning your choices in a non-black-and-white manner. In a nutshell, I hope to make the intellectual equivalent of my first game with far more advanced gameplay.

I can’t promise I will be able to get all that in, and a lot can change during Dev (as I’ve learned), but those are my current hopes and goals!

As far as tech goes, I have been learning Unity3D and, few grievances aside, it is slowly growing on me. After getting some basic layout and interaction done, I have been spent the past week tweaking my NPCs, getting them to correctly navigate around, animate, and open doors. My first attempt was… less than successful:

Overall, the progress is still a bit slow with Life™ keeping me busy, but things are starting to come together. However, I want to start putting more frequent updates, so follow me on Facebook and Twitter if you’re curious or have any input – feedback is always welcome :)

Jakub “Koobazaur”

Curious about my next Indie Game?

Indie Game Karaski Screenshot

Karaski: What Goes Up... is a an open-ended, story-driven stealthy adventure game that takes place onboard a sabotaged 1920s Airship - who is the saboteur, who can be saved?! Deus Ex meets Clue with a bit of Telltale!

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