Postmortem moving to Beta with a release date!

My exploratory narrative game, Postmortem, casting you as Death incarnate in an industrial-age country torn by conflict and riots, moves onto Beta with a release date!

Postmortem menu settings

Checkboxes! Volume controls! It’s almost like a real game now!

Latest internal release finally brought us music and ambiance system, letting us stream sound files on different tracks, loop, fade, control volume, pitch and all those kind of goodies! We already got some original tracks in as well. On top of that, a completely revamped GUI system with proper mouse controls, buttons and checkboxes, none of that “press [E] to start” crap anymore, woo!

Having wrapped that up, we are now officially in the Beta stage of development and established a bit of an optimistic release date – August 15th! That is, if all goes smoothly according to our dev timeline (which it never does). Things are moving up in full steam!

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Oh and did I mention we got two new artists joining us to give the game a nice graphical overhaul? We’ll be sharing more tidbits and screenshots, but in the meantime, here is a lovely concept of one of the characters below.

Postmortem Game Character Ophelia
Character concept, by J.Flynn

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