EuroTrip 15: Helsinki, my Love

With hidden architectural gems, plentiful market plazas, friendly people and the Moomins, my last stop in Finland proved to be one of the most marvelous cities I’ve ever been to.

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crumpled candy wrapper

Electronic Smoke

“Try it, honey,” the skeletal woman said eagerly holding a white little stick, “after three puffs it tastes like candy…”

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EuroTrip 14: The Mellow Life in Finland with Online Friends

I stepped off the boat into the rural and coastal towns of the Fins, learning about the relaxed life and brainstorming game dev with my friend in Vaasa.

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What I learned from my first free experimental HTML5 game CRAVEN

After four years working on two major indie games, I decided to take a break by rapid-prototyping a few micro ideas. My first title CRAVEN already taught me a few good lessons!

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Beer and Work Header

Mainstream Beers of my Europe Travels

During 2 months of backpacking I made it a point to try at least one local beer in each country. Here are my thoughts, which I’m sure many of you will beautifully hate me for!

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EuroTrip Part 13: I’m on a Boat!

I took my first-ever overnight cruise, going from Sweden to Finland. My cabin ended up unused as the night proved too eventful to sleep. 

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EuroTrip Part 12: Stockholm of hipsters, witches, and McDonalds

After brief interlude in Poland, I once again grabbed my backpack and ventured out. Seeking a unique “Nordic” experience, I found odd similarity to the western world just eloped.

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Typical Exchange at a Polish Store

My grandmother sent me to buy water. The experience highlighted everything I hate about Poland’s store etiquette (or lack thereof).

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Learning to Enjoy Games Again at Polish “Pixel Heaven” Indie Game Festival

I attended the biggest Indie Game event in Warsaw and got to try HTC Vive VR, play a bunch of upcoming indies, and watch Peter Molyneux preach! 

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EuroTrip 11: Vienna’s Freud and Travel Epiphanies

Before returning home, I spent one last day in Vienna, having a few significant realizations about my month-long European travels.

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