EuroTrip Part 12: Stockholm of hipsters, witches, and McDonalds

After brief interlude in Poland, I once again grabbed my backpack and ventured out. Seeking a unique “Nordic” experience, I found odd similarity to the western world just eloped.

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Typical Exchange at a Polish Store

My grandmother sent me to buy water. The experience highlighted everything I hate about Poland’s store etiquette (or lack thereof).

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Learning to Enjoy Games Again at Polish “Pixel Heaven” Indie Game Festival

I attended the biggest Indie Game event in Warsaw and got to try HTC Vive VR, play a bunch of upcoming indies, and watch Peter Molyneux preach! 

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EuroTrip 11: Vienna’s Freud and Travel Epiphanies

Before returning home, I spent one last day in Vienna, having a few significant realizations about my month-long European travels.

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EuroTrip Part 10: Bratislava, Warsaw’s Little Brother

I always wanted to visit another Slavic country outside of Poland, my home. I finally got a chance, and the similarity was uncanny.

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EuroTrip Part 9: Vienna Sausage with New Travel Companion!

Continuing my digital vagabond life I arrive in a city of opera and sausages with a friend I made on the train!

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Tips and Lessons from Traveling Work Life, Part 1

I spent a month so far backpacking across seven different countries in Europe while working on my laptop. I made many mistakes. Here is what I learned.

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Switzerland's Pastoral Fields

EuroTrip Part 8: Middle of Nowhere, Switzerland

A geek forever bound to a laptop, I spent two weeks taking care of kids, surrounded by pastoral plains, cows and forests. Part of my nomadic journey I have not yet fully made sense of.

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EuroTrip Part 7: Viva Italia, or how Torino messed with my world

After France I moved on to Torino, where I experienced the first culture shock and had literally the best pizza of my life.

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Lyon Vista Header

EuroTrip Part 6: Lyon’s Hidden Art and Delicious Cuisines

The Megabus arrived predictably late, but it did not stop me and my friend from enjoying late night bustling of the city and the myriad of sights, smells and tastes over the next three days.

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