Game Items as Character Building and Resource Management

Deus Ex Multitool

An analysis of how various games use “tool” items to customize the player character and manage resources. I wrote it as guest post on the site – go read it now!

Karaski DevBlog #9: Game Story, Plot Items, and Quest System

Indie Game Screenshot FPS Stealth Adventure

I have finally started integrating the main plot via in-game story, plot items, and a quest system that tries something new.

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Return of “Garage Game Devs”?


The advent of Indie Game Devs, triple-A studios disbanding, new easy tools emerging… is Game Making reutrning to its roots?

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Visiting Portland: Welcome to Hipsterville

Portland Cat Street Art Statue

I just returned from a trip to Portland (Oregon). Here’s what I loved and hated from all the the urban greenery, hipster cafes, microbreweries, and farmer markets.

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Karaski DevBlog #8: Infiltration Gameplay, Vent Shafts and Player Movement

Karaski Indie Game Vent shafts exploration

This week developing my second indie game was all about the mechanics and tools of infiltration, tampering with the game world to open new pathways.

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A Childhood Memory – Polish Bazarek and Its Foods

Polish Bazarek - Bazar

I was recently reminded of the Polish “bazarek” and all the nostalgic wonderful food it held for my childhood self

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Karaski DevBlog #7: Stealth, New Level, and slightly-less-dumb AI!

Karaski Devblog: Vertical Stealth Gameplay

I’m am halfway done with a whole new level relying on stealthy infiltration, now featuring slightly less dumb AI!

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Karaski DevBlog #6: NPCs, Dialogue, and Real Life Influences

Karaski indie Game NPCs, pre-alpha

I spent the past week translating the imaginary character outines from my design docs into tangible NPCs you can interact with in my game. Say hello to the gang!

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New challenges in writing meaningful game dialogue

Postmortem Game Dialogue

Working on my second game, I realize the dialogue writing approach from my first game Postmortem: one must die may not quite cut it.

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Karaski DevBlog #5: Art Style, Modeling, and revealing the Setting

Karaski Indie Game Props Modeling and Lighting

This week was spent crafting the game world with new models and lighting. And here’s a hint to the overall setting!

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